Adobe InDesign Magazine Layout
Learn InDesign the Professional Way

In this InDesign magazine layout you will learn:
  • Produce a professional magazine layout inside Adobe InDesign.
  • A guide not limited to but also how to make magazine for school project.
  • Setting up the document grid based on the leading value of the body text to create the right margins and guides.
  • Learn how to create Paragraph Styles in InDesign to maintain consistency throughout your document.
  • Learn how to create Character Styles in InDesign to maintain consistency throughout your document.
  • How to create an InDesign magazine cover and its anatomy, based on the contents of the magazine.
  • Adding and adjusting text wraps.
  • Paragraph Shading for background color.
  • Custom paragraph lines.
  • Paragraph Borders.
  • The Gridify feature of InDesign.
The InDesign magazine layout course chapters include:
  • Setting up the right Document grid, based on the Leading value of the magazine type.
  • The body text with Hyphenation, Justification, Baseline Grid, and Paragraph indentation.
  • The magazine Folio, styling it for both page spreads.
  • The cover page, the anatomy of it, going through its different parts and learning terminology.
  • Setting up the Contents page for all page spreads.
  • Feature articles with headlines and straplines.
  • Using drop caps and line caps as decorative elements.
  • Caption over image.
  • A gallery page using Gridify based on Live captions.
  • Creating Paragraph and Character styles for the entire magazine.
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