Haydarpaşa Silos

A beauty within from one of the last remaining sites of Istanbul

The Relic Silos

The silos in Haydarpaşa were built as warehouses, customs building, port police, power plant, dock administration, and waiting rooms till their were shut down in 2005 within the scope of Haydarpaşa Port project. The first silo, the smallest one among four, was built behind the Power Plant Building and another vertical one was built right next to the Electric Power Plant. In the following years, a new type of silo with cylindrical deposits was built in between the first two silos and during the 1960s, the last and most cylindrical silo was built.

The present state of the Haydarpaşa silos is quite poor and deteriorating fast. Exploring the relics of the silos one can see is a dangerous place to visit due to empty large and small holes, collapsing floors, collapsing ceilings, and old rusted equipment. At the same time with proper permission from the Kadikoy Municipality (Kadıköy Belediyesi), studios, students, and photographers are allowed to use the vicinity for projects.

Haydarpaşa, Istanbul